Featured Care Options

  • Foxes Grove Retirement Community

    Senior Living
    Wood River, IL

    In 1987, Foxes Grove introduced premier retirement living to the River Bend communities. In 2007 Foxes Grove became...

  • Friendship Manor

    Independent Living
    Salt Lake City, UT

    Friendship Manor was established over 40 years ago with the goal of providing affordable, safe, and sanitary housing...

  • Calusa Harbour

    Care Homes
    Fort Myers, FL

    Calusa Harbour Senior Living is now owned by Five Star Senior Living - a national healthcare and senior living...

  • The Milton

    Nursing Homes
    Wilmington, DE

    It takes a special kind of person to care for the needs of older people.

  • Aspenwood Senior Living

    Nursing Homes
    Silver Spring, MD

    Five Star Quality Care, Inc. of Newton, MA, is a national healthcare and senior living services provider with three...

  • Magnolia Springs Senior Living

    Senior Living
    Louisville, KY

    Our senior apartments are available in studio, one or two bedroom plans with kitchen areas, and within easy distance...

  • The Village at Watermen Lake

    Alzheimer's Care
    Greenville, RI

    And residents can savor Waterman Lake???s beauty up-close on Village boat rides, be it with a rod and reel in hand or...

  • Bethany Meadows

    55+ Apartments
    Brandon, SD

    we have many amenities, like a bank, deli, country store, swimming pool, fitness center and an awesome activities...

Recent Posts

Elderly Residential Care Facility

The cost for living in a residential care home varies greatly because every home is so different and the services provided vary so much. The cost could be anywhere from $3500 to $4500 monthly for minimal care. But there may be ssources for funding available!

Understanding Retirement Costs

After many years of working hard you are likely looking forward to spending some time enjoying yourself after retirement. The expense that comes along with enjoying yourself will need to be considered when you are looking at your retirement costs.

Senior Living Solutions

Continuing Care Community

One of the most useful facilities for seniors that are transitioning is a continuing care retirement community. This affords the senior the ability to live in a home that offers multiple levels of care as needed. As the needs of the senior change, the facility can make adjustments to the care plan with the help of the senior and their family. This allows for various stages of nurses as well as independent living. Many seniors find this to be the best way to maintain their freedom while still having immediate access to help when they need it as they change.

Active Senior Living

As individuals start to move into their senior years, they may find themselves at a crossroads that has them still being very active, while having new needs and desires. This is the time when connecting with your peers can be a vital part of growing older. We offer information on many active senior programs and facilities that can provide you with the connections to others that you are craving. Meeting with others of like mind and stage in life can be extremely beneficial and allow you to enjoy the time. Active living communities provide social and health benefits.

Senior Resources Online

In addition to providing you with access to senior facilities and assistance programs, we at Assisted Placement Network offers a long list of online senior resources to help you find out more about things you need to know. This might include obtaining Medicare insurance quotes, finding information for senior care in the news, locating long term care insurance or even using a senior care glossary to learn more. Finding the help you need in your area doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. We strive to provide you with a compact way to get all of the information that you need with ease.

Alzheimer's Assistance

Aging can be a complicated part of life and requires direction in getting the best care possible at each point in the process. Living a life that is as full as possible for as long as possible is something most seniors strive for. Those that are plagued by diseases such as Alzheimer's have a tougher time accomplishing this goal. The diagnosis of Alzheimer's can be terrifying to everyone involved, including the senior. Alzheimer's patients can find help at a level that they feel is appropriate for their situation. This might mean that a nurse is need. Call us today to decide what is best for your loved one.