As time goes by many children find that their parents need a little extra help and care. This is often the reason that they stop their out of home jobs and stay home to care for their loved ones. This can lead to financial strife and overwhelming stress for both the elderly individual and the care giver. There are some alternatives that are both affordable and useful that can help you and your loved one enjoy a fuller life. Adult day services serve many functions for a family that have elderly individuals that need care during the day.

Services Offered

Every adult day service is a little different, but they all have some of the same basic services. They offers such things as interactive activities for the elderly participants, health care opportunities, social activities, learning activities and much more. They offer meals and attention for each of the participants and with so many services most facilities are able to offer a tailored day care service that best fits your elderly loved one. In many cases transportation is also offered for the participants.

Cost Associated

Adult day services are often privately run facilities and services and are paid for by the participant or their family. The prices for the services run from approximately $40 to $60 daily and include a variety of services such as therapy, nurse assistance and meals. Additional services that might be covered under this price could include speech therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, oxygen, audiology, hair and beauty services and massage therapy.


If you are unclear as to whether adult day services are a good fit for your loved one or not, consider your situation. If you are concerned that your loved one is alone during the day when you are not there and may not be safe, this is a viable option. Additionally, if you find that caring for your elderly loved on your own is extremely stressful and causes arguments you might want to consider adult day services. Your elderly loved one might be bored at home with nobody to see and nothing to do. Adult day services can give them the interaction with others that they crave and that really is healthy for them. If you simply want peace of mind that you are doing the very best you can for your loved one, even when you have to go to work, this could be an excellent choice.

Finding Adult Day Services

You may want to start your search for day services by contacting your local hospital administrator, senior center or community center. If you have a local elder services department you will likely find that they offer excellent resources for you to get started with. You can even plan a visit during the day to see what they offer, how they interact with the participants and what the facility is like. Discuss the option with your elderly loved one in a positive light reinforcing the excellent opportunities that the services would bring to their life.