Respite care is usually a stay for a short period of time in a senior living community. This is often for less than one month and is time used to provide extra support to an elderly individual either to promote social stimulation or to receive health assistance for memory loss issues and other related problems. It is also a good option for an elderly individual if their primary care giver is unable to care for them due to leaving the area on a trip, needing a break from care giving, using the stay as a trial to see if the facility is a good fit for long term care and for moving a loved one into a facility on a more permanent basis a little at a time.

Services Offered

Every respite care facility offers different services including such things as three meals daily that are nutritious, 24-hour security and supervision, medication monitoring and management, laundry services, housekeeping services, personal care assistance with bathing, toileting, dressing, and toileting, activities and outings with others and transportation. These things are often provided as a part of the fee and are a good way for your loved one to get to know the facility and others in it.

Financial Information

Not all facilities are the same and they all charge a different fee. This said, the average cost of a stay at a respite facility could range between $50 and $200 per day. This might seem like a large fee but it includes everything for that participant including the medical team, facility, services, food and transportation. There are some financial services available to those in need in many communities and asking the respite facility could provide you with the help you need allowing your loved one to get the care that they need.

Getting Your Loved One on Board

You might actually be surprised to find that your loved one would like a break from you and look forward to a respite stay. This is more likely to be the case if they have had a stay previously and enjoyed their time there. Some loved ones find that they enjoy being around others and that the continuous access to socialization is well worth the time that they spend there. When talking with them about it for the first time it is important to stress the positives of going to respite for a time. Take them on a tour beforehand and provide them with some reading material to look over. Most brochures have pictures that will give them some idea of what the facility looks like.

Finding Respite Care

You can contact the local hospital, senior center or community center for additional information about local respite facilities. Your loved ones physician's office may also have some valuable information for your use. Take the time to check out the many options before you decide and visit the facility ahead of time. You may want to do this before you discuss it with your loved one.