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Assisted Placement Network offers seniors a wide range of lifestyle options to fit their individual needs. We provide help in finding assistance for individuals dealing with Alzheimer's, dementia, memory loss and requiring respite care. We can direct seniors to programs that include 55 and over communities, assisted living centers, active senior living and senior apartments. Our professionals understand that every senior is in a different stage in their life and require a different level of care. Whether the individual needs the assistance of an in-home care agency or they need full time residential care from a qualified nursing staff, Assisted Placement Network has the answers.

As individuals start to move into their senior years, they may find themselves at a crossroads that has them still being very active, while having new needs and desires. This is the time when connecting with your peers can be a vital part of growing older. We offer information on many active senior programs and facilities that can provide you with the connections to others that you are craving. Meeting with others of like mind and stage in life can be extremely beneficial and allow you to enjoy the time.

We understand that making the decision to use outside help for caring for an elderly loved one is difficult. That is why we provide a wealth of informational resources, unbiased reviews and real-talk about the things that matter to families

We Offer Resources for Senior Adult Assisted Living Placement - Nursing Homes, Hospice Care and Communities. An unbiased reference for placing your loved ones. We rely on families to give us honest and up-to-date feedback about their experiences. Sharing your impressions and comments about the senior care providers you have dealt with on their profile page makes a world of difference for others.

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Alzheimer's Assistance

Aging can be a complicated part of life and requires direction in getting the best care possible at each point in the process. Living a life that is as full as possible for as long as possible is something most seniors strive for. Those that are plagued by diseases such as Alzheimer's have a tougher time accomplishing this goal. The diagnosis of Alzheimer's can be terrifying to everyone involved, including the senior.

Alzheimer's patients can find help at a level that they feel is appropriate for their situation. This might mean that a nurse is needed for a few hours each day in the home of the individual to help with some basic tasks. Others may require a nurse to be available to them at all hours of the day to manage problems that can arise. The loss of memory can provide great hurdles for the senior and having someone that is experienced in dealing with the daily care can be a huge benefit.

Senior Resources Online

In addition to providing you with access to senior facilities and assistance programs, we at Assisted Placement Network offers a long list of online senior resources to help you find out more about things you need to know. This might include obtaining Medicare insurance quotes, finding information for senior care in the news, locating long term care insurance or even using a senior care glossary to learn more. Finding the help you need in your area doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. We strive to provide you with a compact way to get all of the information that you need with ease.

Find Continuing Care Retirement Community

One of the most useful facilities for seniors that are transitioning to an assisted living lifestyle is a continuing care retirement community. This affords the senior the ability to live in a home that offers multiple levels of care as needed. As the needs of the senior change, the facility can make adjustments to the care plan with the help of the senior and their family. This allows for various stages of nurses as well as independent living. Many seniors find this to be the best way to maintain their freedom while still having immediate access to help when they need it as they change.

In-home Senior Care

There are many seniors that find living in their own home is the best option for them. This means having someone help them with some of their tasks and visiting with them in their home on a regular basis. In-home senior care provides the senior with help when they need it in their own home. A care provider will make visits daily to be sure that the needs of the senior are being met and to help them do some things around the home such as cooking, cleaning, medication related tasks and shopping.