Heat stroke or heat exhaustion can overcome an individual very quickly, particularly those that are elderly. A study conducted by the University Of Chicago Medical Center revealed that elderly persons over the age of 65 years accounted for 40% of the heat related deaths in the United States. During the hotter parts of the year the heat can be a major factor in the safety of these individuals. There are several things that can be done to help avoid heat stroke or exhaustion.

Stay Hydrated

While it might seem obvious that you need to stay well hydrated in the warmer weather, the hustle and bustle of the day can make it easy to forget to drink plenty of water. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go in order to make sure that you always have it close at hand when needed.

Slow and Easy

As you grow older your body takes a little more time to recovery from basic activities. While your mind may be running at top speed, it could take your body a little more effort to keep up with your aspirations. Take the time to make sure you rest by stopping for frequent breaks. Don't try to do a large amount of yard work all in one day when it is warm out. Make sure that you get help when you can and take time to drink a glass of lemonade or sit in the shade.

Dress Accordingly

Taking a note to wear clothing that is going to allow you to stay cool is essential. As you grow older you may find that you are cold more often. This can promote heavy dressing for fear of being cold when you are out and about. Dress in layers and make sure that you peel them down in accordance with the temperatures around you. Also, keep the clothing you are wearing light in color and in fabric type. Loose fitting clothing can also be beneficial and allows you to get the most airflow possible. Additionally, if you have a hat with a wide brim you should wear it.

Air Conditioning

On those days when the heat index is expected to be high, make sure that you seek out an area that is air conditioned. Having a room air conditioner in your home can provide you with the necessary shelter you need from the hot days and nights. This doesn't have to cost that much to run if you keep it to one room that you spend the most time in or run only the air conditioner in the room where you are spending time such as the living room or bedroom. Keep the doors to the room closed so that you are not overworking the air conditioner. If you don't have air conditioning in your home, plan to spend the day at a community center or someplace that does have this amenity.

As a senior citizen you need to keep yourself safe from heat stroke and exhaustion by asking for help. Don't be afraid to shout out to those around you and ask for assistance during the hot temperatures. They would be happy to help you do work you have or provide you with a place to spend some time in the heat of the day.