Your parents raised you all those years and you always thought of them as the strong ones. Now that they are elderly you may find that the tables have turned and they might need you to care for them. This can be a big transition for both you and your parents. They may not want to ask for the help and they may even resist it at first. Along with this you might find that the task is a great deal for you and it disrupts much of your life. There are several things to consider when you are faced with caring for an elderly parent.

Care Options

You will need to decide the level of help that you might need with your parents. Perhaps a home care nurse is something that could help you affording you the flexibility of need and the ability to save money. You may need an assisted living facility that will allow your loved one to have some independence and still have help nearby when they need it. A fulltime nursing home with round the clock assistance is also an option. Once you have determined the level of care that is needed for your parent or parents, you will need to consider how to get the best help.


While you would love to care for your parents on your own, it can be very challenging and you may need some help along the way. There are financial issues that you will need to take into consideration when you are faced with caring for elderly loved ones. You will need to decide where the money comes from for elderly care and how much you are going to need. You can choose a nursing home facility for your loved one's care. Within this confine you can then select between a private room and a semi-private room. The average cost for a private room could be upwards of $90,000 annually. Semi-private is only approximately $10,000 less than this.


Unfortunately, in order to make sure that you are able to completely care for your aging parents you will need to get some documentation in order. This means that you should help your parents seek out the legal help that they need to prepare things such as a Power of Attorney allowing you to help with the finances and speak on their behalf in certain circumstances. They should also be working on preparing their Will and Health Care Directives if they have not done so already. These documents will put others on notice that you have permission to act in your parents' best interest and inform every one of your parent's desires and wishes.

Get Informed

If you are going to care for your parents you need to understand their entire situation. It is important that you understand their current financial situation including debts and assets and that you know what help they are currently taking advantage of such as health care and medications assistance. Discuss information about their life insurance and how it could help in their current situation.