While you know that your parents raised you and they have been independent for longer than you have been alive, there may come a time when they simply need to be in an assisted living home, for their sake and yours. This transition can be very difficult, especially if they don't see the need or want to go. There are a few things to remember about dealing with your mom and dad when they do not want to go to an elderly care home or do not feel that they need the help.

Planning Ahead

Taking some time to be well prepared for discussing the situation with your parents is going to be extremely beneficial for you. Take the time to research the different facilities that you are considering. You might also find that visiting the facilities without your mom or dad will give you the chance to ask some tough questions that could put your parents off on the idea all together. Researching before you discuss the idea with your parents gives you the chance to be well armed when they try to shoot down the idea.

Get Help

Discussing moving into a facility with your mom and dad can be an overwhelming task and having others with you during the process can be a huge benefit. Having your brothers and sisters available to come to your aid during this process of talking to your parents can help to reinforce some of the ideas. While you certainly don't want your parents to feel like they are victims of a mutiny, you also need that extra family support.

Hint Away

It could be to your advantage to start giving your parents the idea of moving to a facility a little at a time. Give little bits of information about how your parents might find the services you have found to be helpful. Don't jump right in and tell them you think they should move to a senior living facility without letting them go over the idea for a while on their own.

Use Your Research

When the discussion is underway you want to make sure that you have a realistic list of why the senior facility would be a good fit for your parents specifically. This might include giving information on the services and amenities that they provide that you know will appeal to your parent or parents. You will also want to mention having medical staff available when they are needed and all of the other seniors that are enjoying a higher quality of life in the senior facility.

Tour Time

You will want to convince your parent or parents to at least go on a tour of a couple of your top pick facilities. This will give them the chance to see first-hand what the place is like, ask questions and also find that they have a lot to offer them. It is also a good way for them to really visualize the center and displace the fears that they might have originally had.