For many people the flu is a natural part of the season and is recoverable. But for a senior the prospect of getting the flu can mean more than just a few days of feeling bad. The Centers for Disease Control reports that over 200,000 individuals are hospitalized with the flu every year and out of those 36,000 die. A senior with the flu can very easily take a turn for the worse and become very ill quickly.

Get the Flu Shot

Focusing on senior flu prevention is essential to making sure that seniors are able to avoid getting sick. The first thing to consider is making sure that the senior in your life gets a flu shot. Typically the flu season begins in October and runs through February. However, on some years there have been known to be flu symptoms running in March and April as well. Getting the flu shot as soon as it is available is the best thing to do in preventing your elderly family member from getting ill.

Avoid Crowds

Keeping seniors out of places where there are large crowds of people can also help them to avoid getting sick. This will help them to narrow down the chances of contracting an illness from someone in the area. While you can't avoid everyone, during flu season it is best to try and avoid groups during the height of flu season.

Wear a Mask

Another way to avoid getting sick as a senior is to wear a mask when you do need to go out into groups or the public. This might seem drastic, but it can certainly help you to avoid getting any type of illness that could be a danger. Making the decision to wear a mask is not that uncommon and will provide you with the precaution that you need to save you or your senior loved one from the flu.

Keep it Clean

Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer if you want to be sure that you are carrying anything home. Keeping hand sanitizer in your bag or purse is a good way to ensure that you have it when you need it. This will also make it easy to share with others and perhaps help stop the spreading of flu to a crowd.

Skip the Handshake

Avoid contact with others that you come across. While it might seem rude not to shake hands with someone you meet or meet up with again, it could save you from getting the flu. Make it a point to skip the hug or the hand shake could mean saving you from the flu and the other illness that could follow. If you feel odd about the prospect of not making contact, discuss your decision with the individual. Chances are that they will understand completely.

Making sure that you avoid getting the flu as a senior could mean avoiding a major hospital stay, long recovery time and potentially death if you are unable to handle the complete symptoms of the illness.