Elderly Residential Care Facility

The cost for living in a residential care home varies greatly because every home is so different and the services provided vary so much. The cost could be anywhere from $3500 to $4500 monthly for minimal care. But there may be ssources for funding available!

Understanding Retirement Costs

After many years of working hard you are likely looking forward to spending some time enjoying yourself after retirement. The expense that comes along with enjoying yourself will need to be considered when you are looking at your retirement costs.

Tax Tips for Seniors

Life moves very quickly and the last thing that you want to do is be stuck scrounging for documents and information the day that the taxes are due. Whether you are a caregiver or a senior you want to have all of the expenses in front of you when the time comes.

Senior Nutrition Resources

Senior nutrition is an important topic that often goes unchecked. It is important that the seniors understand their options and that they are able to get the help that is necessary to avoid malnutrition. It is vital that the seniors are given options to help them find resources for help and sources for nutritious foods.

Senior Fraud Prevention

Seniors are at one of the highest risks of being taken advantage of by someone and becoming victims of fraud. They are often unsuspecting and not as well versed in fraudulent activities and scams as the younger generations.

Senior Flu Prevention

Making sure that you avoid getting the flu as a senior could mean avoiding a major hospital stay, long recovery time and potentially death if you are unable to handle the complete symptoms of the illness.

Recovering from a Stroke

Recovery from a stroke can be a long process that is very involved and filled with challenge. The best course of action is fast action when it comes to a stroke. By reacting quickly an individual's chances of recovery are improved.

Caring for Elderly Parents

If you are going to care for your parents you need to understand their entire situation. It is important that you understand their current financial situation including debts and assets and that you know what help they are currently taking advantage of such as health care and medications assistance.

Nursing Home Checklist

Before you even bother to check out a nursing home, you want to be sure that they have the proper credentials. Every state requires different types of licenses and you will want to contact yours to find out what the requirements are.

Moving Your Elderly Parents

Taking some time to be well prepared for discussing the situation with your parents is going to be extremely beneficial for you. Take the time to research the different facilities that you are considering.

How to Prevent Senior Malnutrition

Making sure that your favorite senior is getting proper nutrients is essential to keeping them from malnutrition and serious health problems that could lead to death. Take the time to get involved and ask them the important questions.

How to Detect Signs of Elder Abuse

Regardless of whether you are sure of abuse or not, if you suspect that your elderly loved one is being abused, make sure that you don't just let it go. Do some homework, ask some questions and get some help. You want to be sure that they are safe in their environment, whether that means safe from others or from themselves. Take the time to ask the ques

Hip Fractures in the Elderly

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as of September 2013, hip fractures in the elderly account for 2.3 million visits to the emergency room every year. This means that approximately one third of the seniors in the United States fall every year.

Guide to Assisted Living Conversation

As the aging process continues your parents may need medical assistance and some kind of assisted living. Having the conversation with your parents about how they want to handle an assisted living situation can be difficult and uncomfortable, but it is necessary.

Guide to Elder Care Planning

The life of your elder family member is important and you want to be sure that they are experiencing respect and enjoy dignity even when they need help. Take the time to find out what they want and how you can get them as much of that as possible while still keeping their best interests in play.

Getting Elder Care Help

Taking the time to find the best services for your elderly family member is the best way to handle ensuring they have a high quality of life. Make sure you know what they need and involve them in these decisions. They can tell you what they feel they are missing and you can add to that with the things that you see.

Avoiding Elderly Heat Stroke and Exhaustion

A study conducted by the University Of Chicago Medical Center revealed that elderly persons over the age of 65 years accounted for 40% of the heat related deaths in the United States. During the hotter parts of the year the heat can be a major factor in the safety of these individuals.

Elderly Dehydration

Dehydration can strike an elderly individual with little or no warning and can be extremely dangerous. Making sure that your loved one is drinking enough water is essential to their wellbeing.

Elderly Bruising

While elderly bruising is not necessarily a serious issue, it can be difficult for the individual and in some cases cause discomfort. Make sure that you are considering the options and moving about with care to avoid as much bruising as possible.

Coping With Guilt Over an Elder Care Decision

You are not alone in the guilt that you feel over moving your parent(s) to an elder care facility. Seeking help in a support group for others in similar situations can often help to reassure you that you have made a good decision and that you are still a loving and caring child.

About Respite Care

Respite care is usually a stay for short periods of time in a senior living community. This is often for less than one month and is time used to provide extra support to an elderly individual either to promote social stimulation or to receive health help.

About Adult Day Services

As time goes by many children find that their parents need a little extra help and care. This is often the reason that they stop their out of home jobs and stay home to care for their loved ones. This can lead to financial strife and stress. There is short term assistance available.

About Long Term Care Insurance

Caring for an elderly individual can be challenging, particularly financially. If that individual needs long-term care the costs can go through the roof. Not being able to afford this care can put a burden on loved ones, learn about your financial options.